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Sharpening Services for business and workshops

Downeast Maine Sharpening Services for;

There's more to sharpening than just grinding. Downeast Sharpening Services understands the technical aspects of your sharpening needs. That's why our customers say that blades sharpened by Downeast Sharpening "Cut better than ever" and "Stay sharp longer"

Downeast Sharpening Services;

If it needs to be sharpened, send it to Downeast Sharpening Services. Downeast provides a wide range of sharpening services.

Sharpening Services for the home - Downeast Sharpening Service can sharpen kitchen knives, scissors, poultry shears and more. Periodic knife sharpening by Downeast sharpening will ensure that your knives have the proper bevel angle and will help your blades maintain their cutting edge longer.

Sharpening Services for business and workshops - Whether you are a lone craftsman, a large business or have a home workshop, use Downeast's professional carbide saw blade sharpening services to stay a 'cut above' the competition. Production shops or grandpas, Downeast can sharpen all of your saw blades, knives, router bits and cutters.

Sharpening for the Home

  • Kitchen Knives
  • Cleavers
  • Meat Slicers
  • Pizza Knives
  • Crescent Slicer Blades
  • Scissors

Sharpening for the Garden

  • Chipper Knives
  • Hedge Shears
  • Mower Blades
  • Chain Saw Blades
  • Hatchet / Axes
  • Pruning Saws
  • Shrub Trimmers
  • Edgers

Sharpening for the Workshop

  • Circular Saw Blades
  • Hand Saws
  • Router Bits
  • Shaper Cutters
  • Shear Knives
  • Wood Chisels
  • Knives
  • Lathe Tools
  • Drill Bits
  • Planer Knives
  • Biscuit Joiner
  • Tin Snips
  • Belt Punches
  • Slab Mill

We have a drop off location in Ellsworth and pick up points around the area. Please call us for drop off and pick up points (207) 812-1328


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